The Masses Have Spoken….


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Okay, they really haven’t. A few people weighed in on Facebook page with their thoughts of which book I should write for NaNoWriMo. I’m going with Water, Bleed Away (tentative title). I’ll spend my writing time between now and November 1st fiddling with outlines and character development, but I won’t begin the actual writing until first of November, as per the rules.

I wanted to share the poem that the title comes from:

Water, bleed away.
Reveal the Earth’s good bones,
hidden from our tired eyes,

these centuries longing for dust
and dirt, an honest mixture
we can grip in our hands,

not creatures from the deep
with hungry maws, liquid sense
and salty, sloping carapaces.

Our dreams landed on shores,
settled with teeth into sand.
They are not floating still.

I post the beginning of the novel and, if there’s interest, I’ll reveal more as the month goes on. 


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