A Bit of Freewriting


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I’m over half-way through Nano, and the story is going well. I’d like a bit of break and let myself freewrite for a bit. So here goes….

“Lost words hurt,” I told her, and I imagined her light years away, looking at me with eyes that I love, eyes that have cried more tears than I or the gods could count, eyes that nonetheless shine and drive away shadows. The lost words huddle in the corner, desperate for a tongue and a voice, but doomed to languish where they are.

“The moon is a reason,” I said to her, but I didn’t understand the words or even the moon itself, hanging like hope in the night sky, brilliant in its misunderstanding of the toil on Earth.

“How is the moon a reason?” she asked from a great distance–lifetimes, in fact, and from that perspective, she gauged me with those same eyes, the eyes I’ve known a thousand times before and yet experience anew when I perceive them.

“I don’t know,” I said and fell apart, the bits of me floating on the breeze and desiring unification only when the time was right. It wasn’t right for a host of reasons and a host of feelings for so long that the horse began to doze, the rabbit forgot its hole, and the sun bird forgot its wings. All of creation slipped into a different course, and the universe dreamed.

The song of a flute woke me. I was in China, desperate for her. I wrote sad poems, full of pain and and longing, and she didn’t come.

I woke to the chant of prayers in India, and I rose with the sun. I found her, barefoot and shy, on the path to a temple. I kissed her under the trees, the wind blowing over us.

I sensed her in Persia, dark-eyed and loving, and I sought her in the land. I found her at the end, and her smile was everything.

I sleep and wake, sleep and wake, and she’s there. She was there before and she will be there the next time, and the time after that, and for all the madness and joy the universe continues to offer.


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